Older people happier if they have fewer age spots

Il Secolo XIX - 31/10/1998

Older people are happier without age spots

Health, the head physician's map

La Stampa - 16/05/1999

Health, the head physician's guide

Free visits in May to combat skin cancer

Il Secolo XIX - 28/04/2000

Free consultations in May to combat skin cancer

Laser o molecole schiarenti e la pelle torna come nuova

Il Secolo XIX - 14/09/2007

With laser or bleaching treatments, the skin is like new again

Three new super lasers for skin conditions

Il Secolo XIX - 21/09/2013

Three new super lasers to combat skin conditions

In Genova to remain on top

La Pelle - October 2013

Come to Genova to remain in the forefront

When the dermatologist holds back time

La Stampa - 04/07/2014

When the dermatologist halts the effects of time

Laser intervention at Imperia hospital is "The only one in the world"

La Stampa - 13/08/2014


Imperia doctors in Texas to learn new techniques

La Stampa - 26/08/2015

Imperia doctors visit Texas to learn new techniques

"Scabies not dependent on hygiene, age or race"

La Stampa - 06/27/2015

Scabies is not a matter of hygiene, age or race

"With the firefighter-patch, you need never burn again"

Gente - 21/06/2016

"My UV PATCH" is an innovative new system for protecting against sunburn on the beach.

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