Nail surgery using CO2 laser

Dr. Cannata with CO2 laser



  • Cutting speed
  • Simple to use
  • Atraumatic procedure

    Glomus tumour 

    Francesca, age 46 - 3rd finger left hand.

    Glomus tumour
    Glomus tumour operation
    post operation

    After 1 year

    Squamous cell carcinoma  

    Sebastiano, age 52 - index finger left hand

    After 2 years

    Viral wart 

    Carmela, age 44 - 2nd toe left foot.

    After 8 months

    Viral wart 

    Giacomo, age 76 - middle finger left hand.

    After 2 years

    Nail diseases

    Carla, age 11 - big toe left foot

    Ingrown toenail

    After 1 year




    An ingrown toenail or onychocryptosis is the painful result of damage to the lateral nail grooves, usually affecting the big toe and often in young people.

    Carla, age 90 - oychogryphosis of the big toe, right foot - total phenolisation

    Onychogryphosis post treatment

    After 1 year




    An abnormal thickening of the nail which is painful and makes walking difficult; most commonly affects the nail of the big toe and often in older people.

    Ettore, age 56 - right thumb, treated with CO2 laser

    Subungal squamous cell carcinoma
    after operation

    After 1 year




    The most common type of tumour, sometimes confused with periungal warts

    Franca, age 44 - 2nd toe right foot, treated with CO2 laser

    Periungal wart
    Post CO2 treatment

    After 8 months




    Warts are of a viral nature and should be removed

    Giulia, age 59 - index finger left hand - treated with CO2 laser

    Glomus tumour
    After the operation

    After 1 year




    A glomangioma or glomus tumour is a rare neoplasm, usually benign, part of a small group of painful tumours which occur cutaneously and subcutaneously, and also includes post-traumatic neuromas, leiomyomas, eccrine spiroadenomi and angiolipomas.

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